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Moving and Packing Service

Moving and Packing Service


Try our moving and packing service or if you want to do your own packing you can hire us just for your moving services. As you relocate locally or to a distance, we will help you get free from all nervousness and uncertainties relating to your move!


Moving is a frantic phase, involving plenty of activities. If it is a residential move, a number of items need to be packed, including small objects like books, dishes, fragile crockery to heavy furniture like cabinets and wardrobes. It is not just about packing but unpacking too is tiresome and takes a lot of time, effort and patience.


Get Help Easily:


Our moving and packing service is just perfect for those who find it difficult or almost impossible to do all the work themselves. Even if you manage to do all the packing by yourself, have you thought about the safety concerns? Will the package remain intact till the product reaches its final destination? Is the package strong enough not to cause cracks in your glass table?


Your Belongings Safeguarded:


As you hire professional movers, your goods are taken care of like never before. Your furniture or office equipment is disassembled (if needed) and transported, in the most secure manner. We have an expert team, who can package all your goods in a very short time. This will save a lot of your time.


Tackle Every Challenge Professionally:


Hiring a professional moving and packing service will ease you off all the worries. Our professionals are knowledgeable, accomplished and have a practical approach to deal with any difficult situation. No matter what the challenge is or how heavy your furniture is, it is our responsibility to keep things going. We have the right people, the right equipment and the perfect tools to help.


Instead of trying to do all tasks by yourself and facing hundreds of problems, you simply need to hire our services. Your moving will be effortless and totally safe!


What are you waiting for – call us right away!




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In light of the “shelter in place” order, we are fortunate enough to qualify as an "essential business".

Asheville Area Movers is continuing to be Open For Business with the following added precautions.

We are devastated by the impact this virus has had on our community and will continue to support Asheville as best we can. We are following all CDC guidelines and have fully equipped our crews to move residents in a safe manner. (Fever testing/gloves/hand sanitizer/social distancing when not at work). We will not be charging any type of “hazard rate” during this time. We stand with Asheville during this time of need and encourage our fellow residents to support restaurants and other local businesses in need best they can. Stay safe.

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