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5 Best Neighborhoods in Asheville

Have you been looking for some happening neighborhoods in Asheville to eat, play and live? Well, various areas of Asheville have gone through several changes over the years. Both North and South Asheville has gone through cycles of growing, declining, and then regrowing again. So while North Asheville has retained the style and grace of the earlier age, South Asheville has experienced a growth explosion and looks dramatically different now.

So, if you are thinking of moving to Asheville, this article is just for you. But what about the stress of moving? We all have heard those unfortunate horror stories, haven’t we? So why worry anymore when you have Asheville Area Movers, the long-distance and local moving company here to help you unload and load those trucks? Asheville Area Movers is here to make moving simple and personal with their team of professionals. So without any second thoughts, let Asheville Area Movers take care in protecting, packaging, loading, and moving your stuff to your new home. That being said, let’s jump into finding some of the coolest Asheville neighborhoods.

  1. North Asheville

North Asheville is the perfect place for you if you are a foodie and always on the lookout for some good food, especially with the multitude of restaurants around Merrimon Avenue. North Asheville also has some beautiful, Tudor-style homes on Kimberley Avenue, as well as some established neighborhoods like Grove Park, Lakeview Park, and Beaverdam which have become home to college students, retirees, and families alike.

  1. Downtown Asheville


Downtown Relocating to Asheville Nc is the place to see, eat and do everything. This place is the definition of “city life” with lots of old buildings, busy locals, happy-go-lucky college students, and plenty of tourists. Downtown Asheville has a lot of gorgeous Art Deco buildings and is very walkable. This neighborhood has some luxury apartments, lofts, and condos with varied pricing options.

  1. Montford


Montford is between North Asheville and Downtown Asheville and is known for its rich history and Chiesa, which is considered as one of the best Italian restaurants in Asheville. Montford is known for its Neo-Classical, Colonial Revival, Victorian buildings, apartments, and bungalows. Montford is an active neighborhood and also has plenty of Bed & Breakfasts and inns.

  1. West Asheville


West Asheville can be considered as one of the most laid-back and hippest neighborhoods you can come across. Most breweries in this area tend to remain more quiet and peaceful than neighborhoods like Downtown Asheville. The LGBTQ+ community is also quite vibrant and prominent in West Asheville. This neighborhood is seeing a rise in real estate prices, too, due to the numerous new upcoming housing projects.

  1. South Asheville


This place has some old wealthy properties and is home to the Biltmore Estate. If you are a shopaholic, then this neighborhood is your perfect shopping destination. South Asheville is close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and therefore has a lot of biking and hiking trails. This is the reason why it is the ideal destination for outdoor adventurers. The Biltmore Forest and Park have high demand and are pretty expensive.



Why wait anymore? The vibrant city of Asheville is waiting for you and your family. With its renowned historic architecture, the thriving art scene, and the variety of outdoor activities, Asheville is both eclectic and quirky. So if you are thinking of moving to Asheville, get in touch with Asheville Area Movers today. Let us make sure that your belongings arrive at your destination safely and in the same condition that they were left in.

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