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5 Best Schools Near Asheville: Perfect for Your Kids

Have you been planning to move to Asheville with your family? Well, moving to a completely new place is a big decision and takes a lot of initiative and research. Especially if you have children, learning about the kind of neighborhood you are moving to and what the schools nearby have to offer is extremely important. So, if you have been thinking of moving to Asheville and considering the various options your kids could have, this article is just for you.

Before we jump to that, moving to a new place is a big deal, and for this, you need a reliable moving company like Asheville Area Movers. Whether you are moving locally or it’s a long-distance move, Asheville Area Movers has got you covered. From specialty items to furniture deliveries, Asheville Area Movers is here to make your moving enjoyable and stress-free. Now that you know which company to fully trust when moving to Asheville, let’s start looking at some schools best suited for your children.

Top 5 Schools Near Asheville 

Let’s talk about 5 schools around Asheville and the different types of schools available. This includes private and public schools.

  1. Polk County School

This public school is located in Columbus and is highly rated. Polk County School is extremely popular, and both national and state organizations have recognized it for academic excellence as well as student-centered focus. This public school has a small community-based elementary school, a middle school with various extracurricular activities and academic courses, and the Polk County High School.

  1. Asheville City School


Asheville City School has been serving the Asheville community for more than 130 years. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this public school has over 4,500 students and several educational campuses. ACS loves celebrating every child’s journey to educational achievement that is championed by parents, teachers, staff, mentors, and other students.

  1. Asheville School


Asheville School can provide your kids with the opportunity of learning together with kids from all around the world. Students from around 18 countries and 16 states come to this school bringing with them a broad horizon of talents, interests, and backgrounds. Away from the protection of home, students learn to be more self-reliant and independent.

  1. Odyssey School


The Odyssey School strongly believes in creating well-rounded human beings who can live their authentic self. This private school teaches from an effective and rich curriculum that has integrated developmental and cultural awareness. Odyssey School students will be able to relate to 21st-century life with hope, confidence, joy, creative imagination, leadership, and compassion.

  1. Henderson County Schools


Henderson County Public School believes in providing students with encouragement and opportunity to succeed in life. Located in Hendersonville, this public school has over 13,000 students. The Henderson County School has a vision that each and every student will be able to not only graduate successfully but also be globally competitive.

Asheville has some great schools in North Carolina with extensive support and facilities, which make them special. The students that learn in the above-mentioned schools tend to have excellent careers and perform well in every field. So if you are thinking of moving to Asheville for your kid’s sparkling future, then what are you waiting for? Just contact Asheville’s premiere and outstanding moving company, Asheville Area Movers, and let them handle your precious belongings safely and with utmost care.

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