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(828) 505-6021

About Us

Asheville Moving Company
Brendan Hogan (left)
Tulane University
Kyle Donoughe (right)
Operations Manager
Toledo University

Local Asheville Moving Company with Industry Leading Standards

How did our moving company start?

Owners Brendan and Josh met in Asheville in 2014. Josh had just finished his masters in at Yale, and Brendan had just left Tulane. Neither planed on being movers but saw alot of potential for change upon working for another moving company. So in 2015, they decided to come together and create Asheville Area Movers.

The Asheville Area Movers Difference

From the beginning, we have worked to be more transparent, efficient, affordable, and personable than other moving companies. We are not just 2 men and truck, we are a family of guys working together to keep Asheville moving. We love to point our customers towards our favorite trails, restaurants, and art venues. If you are thinking of moving to this beautiful city, or if you are one of our neighbors headed across town, give us a call.

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