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Asheville Art Museum

The city of Asheville is the county seat of Buncombe County located in North Carolina. This wonderful town is a great location for arts and music lovers. There are so many fantastic places that you can visit, and if you are planning to go to this city, expect to see a variety of architectural treasures and natural wonders. But with the fact that art is a very big part of this town, it does not come as a surprise that Asheville, NC has many great museums. One of them that you should definitely visit is the Asheville Art Museum.

The Asheville Art Museum is one of the most popular attractions of this town for so many reasons. Not so long ago, the museum took a renovation and a huge expansion. It was a pretty big job that lasted for more than two years, but everyone agrees that it was worth the wait. The remodeling made the museum even more attractive and inviting than ever before. The renovation provided 70 % more space for exhibitions. The interior of the museum itself looks impressive with its high ceilings and lights.

There is always something that is going on, including the exhibitions of American art of the 20 th and 21 st centuries. Also, if you want to see some local art, you will be able to do so by visiting the Asheville Art Museum. Everything is well organized and displayed so that visitors can really enjoy the experience. Even if you visited the museum before, make sure to do it again as everything looks and feels different. Most importantly, it is entertaining.

In addition, the Asheville Art Museum has plenty of other things that make it so interesting to locals and visitors as well. It offers a great selection of innovative programs designed for all ages. For instance, there are workshops and classes for adults, kids, college students and families. There are also concerts and performances, guides and group tours and many other great options.

While you are in Asheville, don’t miss your chance to visit this wonderful museum. Not only because of the fact it is one of the most appreciated attractions of the area, but because this museum has a lot to offer. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase a few souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones. The museum is located at 2 South Pack Square, Downtown Asheville.

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