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How Much Do Moving Companies Charge?

Here at Asheville Area Movers, our pricing is really simple. It can be tricky sometimes, with other companies, trying to price a move. It’s not always easy to know exactly what a move will cost you, if they have hidden fees, or try to sneak in extra hours by being slow.  When trying to find the cost of expenses associated with hiring a reliable moving company, you will most likely come across several different prices. No two companies will offer the same price, and you will be left to decide – how will you choose?

Not every expensive moving company will provide you the best services, just like not every cheap moving company will be fraudulent or careless. However, it’s a fact that hiring cheap movers can be quite risky – whether you are moving long-distance or locally. 

So, the question remains – how much do reliable moving companies charge? 

Yes, this does depend on several things which include how far you are moving, how much you are moving, when you are moving, and the kind of things you need to move. We all know that moving is a labor-intensive task and can be physically exhausting. When you hire a professional moving company, they take away a lot of stress from your shoulders. In return, you have to pay the fees. For instance, if you are located in North Carolina, you will find that most moving companies will charge as much as $150 an hour plus a truck fee.

Let us look at some of the typical costs involved – in long and short distance moving!

  • Local Moving or Intrastate Moving: If you are moving locally or as we define it technically – it is an interstate move; the average costs can vary. Depending upon the size of the move, whether it is a 2- or 3-bedroom move, or larger. The price of local moves in North Carolina can be upwards of $150 per hour. However, what is local or interstate move varies from one state to another. Your mover can be able to explain to you their flat rate of moving charges with the costs included. For instance, a move from Weaverville, North Carolina to Black Mountain, North Carolina would be considered a local, or interstate move. 
  • Long-Distance Move – This is a move from one state to another. According to calculations, the average cost of any long-distance move will vary as it is, dependent on the distance you travel, the time taken to travel, and the costs related to shipment and others.

A fixed price means you will be paying a fixed amount for your complete move that means you do not have to pay anything in the form of overtime hours.  And with hourly moving: 

  • You are paying for the exact duration of moving. Thus, if the move is shorter, you are paying less.
  • You will have an idea of the total amount you will be paying. Your moving company will give you a fair estimate for the time taken. Thus, you are going to have some control over the prices.
  • There will be no unnecessary delays because your moving company is aware that you might question them for the delay. They will ensure that things are on track and customers are charged for the actual move. No one likes bad reviews and dissatisfied customers – so, their efforts will always be to ensure that everything is smooth and in a timely manner.

Hiring Cheap Movers – Is it a wise idea?

Now comes another challenging decision – what about hiring cheap movers? Is it too much to risk?

It does no justice to simply write off any moving company because it is offering cheap services. How does one decide if the company is trustworthy and if you are safe to hire them? 

Look for their customer reviews and testimonials. Today, this is one of the best ways to find how any company or provider performs. Look for online reviews where the previous customers have rated the company and provided feedback. You will get an idea about their services, like if they are actually efficient, how professional they are, their past projects, and if they are worth the money spent. If you find the reviews and testimonials believable, you can get in touch base with the movers and have a conversation. If you are convinced of what you hear, you can hire them. In such a situation, it is good to choose the hourly rate – your job will be done the quickest. 

Many people do not prefer to go the cheapest route with moving companies because they usually come up with hidden fees or additional costs. The initial quote might be too low, but they will soon squeeze in additional costs. Besides, these companies are usually not insured which can be quite risky. You might actually end up losing a lot more money than saving it due to damages, delays, or other moving complications. And, not to mention, there will be thoughts of stress because you will always have a question in mind ‘how are they offering cheap rates when others are not? Will there be poor quality or compromise on safety?

Sound Stressful?  – it doesn’t have to be.

If budget is a concern, but you do not want to compromise on quality, consider some cost-saving tips which will help you to move successfully, without additional worries.

  • Leave all those things which you will not need in the future. Costs are based on weight, especially in the case of long-distance moves and expenses related to hourly labor when it is about local moves. Thus, leaving behind things which you might not need, will help in reducing costs.
  • Many people pack certain things in cartons or boxes themselves, especially when they choose to hire hourly moving services. If you do this for certain personal items, it will help in reducing costs. You can label them so that you know what is packaged inside.
  • Check to see if the company offers any discounts or rebates. You can choose to move during this time, it might help in getting discounted rates.

Thus, do your research well and then hire the company. If you are spending money on moving, ensuring that your, date is on their calendar, is worth the money spent. 

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