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We accept all major forms of payment (Cash/Check/Credit/Debit). All checks can be made out to Asheville Area Movers LLC. For all credit and debit cards, we charge a 3.5% service fee which reflects what we are charged from our provider. All payments can be made upon completion of the move, we almost never take deposits unless the move is over a certain price/distance. If you are a business or the move is being paid for elsewhere we can send an invoice to be paid at a later date.

We use a combination of thick moving blankets and environmentally friendly/reusable rubber bands to protect all furniture. Upon request for no additional cost we can also shrink wrap all furniture and mattresses to your specifications. We pad and wrap all artwork/T.V.’s as well as box all items that need to be boxed. Our goal is to efficiently provide as much protection for your things as you see fit, and we are able to adapt to each client’s requests.

Our guys come fully prepared with the tools needed to disassemble all furniture and unhook appliances if needed. We do not hang pictures typically, or mount TV’s seeing as we are not handymen, but we can work something out upon request. We can take doors off fridges or backs off couches, really anything that is necessary to safely move your belongings. We even have had to create pulley systems to move items up to top decks.

We can disconnect and reconnect almost all appliances. However, we are not plumbers and AAM is not liable for any issues affecting the connections to these appliances. If our guys have a fear of something leaking, they will request that the water is shut off and that it is professionally looked at.

The clock starts when the guys park the truck at your property and set the ramp down. Pending any unforeseen events, the guys are always on time. We do not charge for lunch or dinner. You can expect the guys will work from the second they show up till they are done except for a quick 30 minute break for lunch/dinner on long moves in which they are off the clock. We don’t believe in billing for time not worked. The clock stops when the last item is put in place at your new house or storage.

We are fully licensed and insured. All that information is hyperlinked on the first page of our website. We are also members of the NC moving association. If any damage does occur on your move, we offer to repair or replace. We have insurance that covers your belongings completely.

We can provide boxes upon request of any shape or size. (Small/Medium/Large/Wardrobe) We also provide packing services, which is an accessory to our typical moving package. The price for this varies and can be discussed with our office.

We move to anywhere we can drive too. Thus far we have moved clients to over 22 different states, our farthest trip taking us all the way to California. We are very competitive for long distance moving, especially within 10 hrs of Asheville. We do business, residential, and commercial moving of all sizes. We also do loading and unloading of pods/trucks as well.

We typically have a 2 hr minimum for any unloading or moving involving the truck. Sometimes we are able to work with customers if cost is an issue and wave this minimum.

You can leave any clothes in the dressers. Just be mindful of what you do leave because the dressers may need to be flipped or turned on their side. Any heavy or hard items may damage the inside of the dresser but clothes are completely fine.

We can provide an itemized receipt or invoice the day of your move for any type of transaction.

We absolutely provide charitable work for organizations or charities that need moving help. Currently, we are proud to work with Helpmate, moving women out of domestic violence situations. If you have a charity/school/or organization that needs moving help, feel free to call our office and we would love to help out.

Upon request, we are able to move large items such as these, but that vastly depends on the scenario. (Stairs, size, ext.)

We cannot move loaded firearms, household chemicals, equipment with gas still in it, propane tanks.

We have a fleet of 26ft box trucks, that all have ramps. We also have a truck with a lift gate for heavier items and deliveries. For moves with difficult driveways, we are able to shuttle items using a smaller truck. We are solution oriented and have/can obtain the equipment needed for almost all moving scenarios.

We have a lot in Biltmore village that is locked and protected by barbed wire fences and we can absolutely store your items overnight on one of our trucks should the situation call for it.

We can absolutely dispose of any waste you may have (excluding hazardous waste). For certain items, there may be an additional charge that can be discussed with our office. We are also in the process of adding a junk removal business to our company for larger waste hauling.

We are not in the business of charging people for work not done. We never charge customers for moving or canceling a move date. We are very flexible and are always able to find a way to work with our customers changing schedules if necessary. We just ask that as much heads up is given as possible.

Typically we ask during peak season (April-November) for 2 weeks in advance notice if possible. Unlike some of the larger companies though, we are very adaptable and can sometimes fit jobs in the day of, or the very next day. Just give our office a call and we will see how we can work things out for you.

We have been in business since the middle of 2016. Our mission is to provide excellent service to our customers and to be able to adapt to any moving scenario. Our guys are the friendliest, hardest working, and nicest guys around. We provide ourselves on finding the perfect medium between efficiency and protection of your belongings. In the event of any damage, we ALWAYS right our wrongs and go about our business in the most ethical manner possible. We hope you’re are floored by the customer service and experience we provide.

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