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How Many People Should Move A Piano?

Pianos are more than just instruments; they’re pieces of art. But, like any artwork, they can be fragile, especially when it comes to relocating them. One of the most frequently asked questions when moving a piano is, “How many people does it take?” 

The answer is more intricate than a mere number. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about moving a piano and the factors that determine how many hands are needed on deck.

Types of Pianos and Their Weight

Before we can answer the question, it’s essential to understand that pianos come in various sizes and weights.

Upright Pianos

These are the most common household pianos. They can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds, depending on their size and build.

Grand Pianos

A sight to behold, grand pianos can weigh between 650 and 1,300 pounds, with concert grand pianos often being at the higher end of the scale

Electric Pianos

Typically lighter than their acoustic counterparts, electric pianos can range from 50 to 250 pounds.

Factors Determining the Number of Movers

Type and Weight of the Piano: Naturally, the bigger and heavier the piano, the more people you’ll need. For instance, a small upright might be manageable with two strong individuals, but a concert grand would require four or more experienced movers.

The Moving Path: Are there stairs involved? Tight corners? Narrow hallways? All of these can add complexity to the move, necessitating more hands to ensure safe navigation.

Equipment Used: The right equipment, like piano dollies or skid boards, can reduce the manpower needed. However, using equipment also requires expertise to ensure safety.

Distance of the Move: A short move, say from one room to another on the same floor, will require fewer people than relocating a piano to a different building or town.

Factors Determining the Number of Movers

General Guidelines

Upright Pianos: For most uprights, 2 to 4 movers should suffice. However, the upper end of that range is recommended, especially if stairs are involved.

Grand Pianos: Given their size, weight, and the intricacy of their legs and lid, grand pianos typically require a minimum of 3 to 5 movers. Again, if there are challenging navigation points, lean towards the higher number.

Electric Pianos: Due to their lighter weight, electric pianos usually need only 1 to 2 individuals. However, their electronic components require careful handling.

Post-Move Care and Considerations

After successfully moving a piano, one should not overlook its post-move care. The act of moving this instrument, regardless of the distance, can have several implications.


Just like humans, pianos need time to acclimate to a new environment. Changes in humidity and temperature can affect a piano’s wood and soundboard. It’s advisable to place the piano in its designated spot and allow it a few days to adjust before playing it vigorously.


The delicate internal components of a piano, especially the strings, can become disturbed during a move. It’s almost always necessary to have the piano tuned by a professional after relocating it.

Exterior Check

Examine the piano for any potential scuffs or scratches that might have occurred during the move. Early detection can make addressing these blemishes easier.


Where you place your piano in its new location is crucial. Avoid areas with direct sunlight or close to heating vents. These can lead to quicker detuning and potential long-term damage.

Regular Maintenance

Moving is an excellent time to adopt a regular maintenance routine if you haven’t already. Regular cleaning, tuning, and inspections can ensure your piano’s longevity and pristine sound.

Why Professional Piano Movers are Important

Sure, with enough hands, you might think any group can move a piano. However, experience, expertise, and equipment play critical roles in the process. Professional piano movers in Asheville aren’t just strong; they understand the intricacies of the instrument. They know where to grip, how to balance the weight, and how to ensure no harm comes to the piano or the environment.

Furthermore, piano movers will assess the situation, determining the best pathways and strategies for moving the piano. They’ll also come equipped with the necessary tools and protective materials, ensuring that the instrument remains unscathed.

Asheville Area Movers – The Only Hands to Trust 

When considering the importance and complexity of moving a piano, why take any risks? Asheville Area Movers offers specialized services tailored to your piano-moving needs.

  • Expertise: Our team understands pianos inside and out, ensuring safe, efficient relocation every time.
  • Equipment: With top-of-the-line moving tools and protective materials, we’re equipped to handle any piano move, regardless of the challenges.
  • Experience: Having relocated countless pianos, we know the ins and outs of various scenarios, ensuring a smooth move every time.
  • Peace of Mind: With professionals handling your treasured instrument, you can rest easy, knowing it’s in the best hands.


While the number of people needed to move a piano varies based on several factors, the most important element is expertise.

Whether you’re moving an upright piano across the room or a grand piano across town, the keyword isn’t just “how many” but “who.” And when it comes to the “who,” residents know that the answer is clear: piano movers at Asheville Area Movers. Contact us today for a seamless move! 

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