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What Are The Cheapest Days To Hire A Moving Company in Asheville?

The scenic allure of Asheville makes it a sought-after destination for many. But amidst the excitement of relocating, there’s often the concern of costs, particularly regarding hiring a moving company. With demand fluctuations throughout the week and year, certain days can be more budget-friendly for those looking to save. 

So, when is the most cost-effective time to hire a moving company in Asheville? Let’s delve in.

1. The Midweek Advantage

Most people prefer moving during weekends due to work commitments. This high demand often translates to higher prices. By contrast:

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): These days usually see a dip in demand for moving services. If your schedule allows, consider a midweek move with a moving company in Asheville for potentially lower rates.

2. Steering Clear of Month Ends

Ends of months are peak times for leases and home sales to conclude, leading to:

High Traffic: Greater demand for moving services.

Recommendation: Opt for mid-month days, when moving companies may have more availability and potentially offer better rates.

3. Seasonal Savings – The Winter Window

The moving industry, even in places like Asheville, experiences seasonal ebbs and flows:

Spring and Summer: These months, especially between May and September, are considered peak moving seasons. Rates tend to be higher due to demand.

Fall and Winter: Demand drops during colder months. If you’re willing to brave the chill, you might secure a deal with your chosen moving company in Asheville.

4. Avoiding Holidays and Long Weekends

Holidays are not just busy for celebratory reasons:

Increased Demand: Many people take advantage of long weekends to move, driving up costs.

Best Practice: To save on expenses, try to avoid booking a moving company in Asheville on or near major holidays.

5. Early Bird Discounts

Proactive planning can lead to savings:

Book in Advance: Some moving companies offer early bird discounts if you book their services well ahead of time.

Flexibility: If you’re flexible with your move date, ask the moving company if there are cheaper days available in the month.

6. Off-Peak Hours 

Most people move during the daytime, but:

Evening or Early Morning Moves: Some moving companies may offer discounted rates during these unconventional hours due to lesser demand.

The Art of Negotiation

7. The Art of Negotiation

Never underestimate the power of negotiation:

Bulk Deals: If you’re moving a large household or require additional services, you might be in a position to negotiate a bundled deal.

Competitive Rates: Mention quotes from other moving companies. If a business knows you’re considering multiple options, they might offer a more competitive rate to secure your booking.

8. Always Check for Special Offers

Promotions: Some moving companies in Asheville may run seasonal promotions or discounts for specific groups, such as veterans or senior citizens.

Referral Discounts: If a friend or family member has recently moved, see if their moving company offers referral discounts.

9. Understanding Price Structures

Before you hunt for the cheapest days, it’s vital to grasp how moving companies price their services:

Flat Rates vs. Hourly: Some movers charge a flat rate, while others might offer hourly rates. Knowing this can help you identify cost-saving opportunities, especially if you’re looking at off-peak hours or days.

Hidden Costs: Ask about additional fees like travel charges, heavy item fees, or fuel surcharges. Being aware of these can help in making an informed choice.

10. Leveraging Technology for Savings

In the age of digital innovation, technology can be your ally in securing the best deals:

Moving Apps: Several apps allow you to get instant quotes from multiple moving companies in Asheville. By comparing, you can spot the most affordable times.

Online Reviews: Platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews can give insights into both the quality and cost-effectiveness of moving services. Often, customers share when they got the best deals.

11. Building Relationships for Future Savings

If you anticipate more moves in the future, consider the long-term relationship:

Loyalty Discounts: Some moving companies in Asheville may offer discounts for repeat customers. Inquiring about this possibility can lead to savings for future relocations.

Feedback Benefits: Companies often value feedback to improve their services. In exchange for your review or testimonial, they might offer discounts on future moves or referrals.

Making Informed Choices with Asheville Area Movers

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