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(828) 505-6021

Moving to or from North Carolina

We Can Help with Residential and Commercial Moves

Moving can be a real headache. Whether it be a short move down the street, or a cross country expedition, we know how tricky it can be. 
If you’re planning on moving into or out of the great state of North Carolina, we can help. From asheville area movers to Wilmington, Cherokee to Oak Island, we can move you across the state or across the nation. No job is too small or too large. Give us a call for easy pricing.

Residential and Commercial Movers North Carolina

Moving Services You Can Trust

Long Distance or Local... We Do it All!

Packing/Unpacking Services

Fragile china? No problem! Let us take one more stressor out of moving for you and do your packing and unpacking onsite.

Commercial Moving Services

Put your worries at ease knowing we have the proper tools and skill set to safely move computers and fragile equipment wherever it needs to go.

Loading/Unloading Trucks

We here at AAM are fully equipped to load and unload any truck that comes our way. We also have a fleet of 26ft box trucks equipped with ramps.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Your Move is SAFE With Us. Our moving company carries general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, and motor truck cargo coverage.

Relocating to North Carolina

Relocate to NC With Us

We Are Affordable and On Time

North Carolina is a growing state with amazing food, culture, and an ever expanding job market. If you are moving to North Carolina, we would love to welcome you by rolling out the red carpet so to speak. We understand that your two moving guys might be the very first people you have a conversation with when you get to town, and we would be honored to tell you all about our favorite places in our wonderful state.